At Youngevity, we remain focused on supporting Dr. Wallach’s mission of making the world a better, healthier place. As an all-inclusive direct selling company, we want to provide a safe harbor where Distributors can “pick their passion” and build a business, and where customers can swap where they shop for great products in top-selling consumer categories. As an important part of our business strategy, we’re moving forward with a Distributor annual renewal fee and a Preferred Customer fee. This will enable all of us to more clearly define the difference between a Distributor and a Preferred Customer and leverage the benefits of each.


What Is The Relationship Between Heart Failure and Diabetes

More than a decade after an FDA mandate for cardiovascular outcomes trials, cardiologists say insights gained on how 2 new drug classes affect heart failure in diabetes should be used to prevent complications. Several sessions at the 68th Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology addressed this topic.

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs: Eczema – Finding The Cause

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs explains that "a topical-dermatitis" is a scientific term for Eczema, meaning a non-topical condition. In other words, it is not a condition that originates on the surface of the skin. Yet, most treatments for Eczema are topical, like steroid creams. In fact, if you went to a doctor 50 years ago, you'd probably be given the same or similar steroid cream to those given today, showing the failure of our current medical model to address the causes of the disease rather then the symptoms.

Here’s How A Colorado Dentist Became Big Sugar’s Worst Nightmare

For decades, companies worked to cast doubt on whether sugar harms — until Cristin Kearns started digging up the dirt. The cardboard box looked unassuming, but as soon as Cristin Kearns opened it, she knew she was onto something juicy. Inside were documents donated to Colorado State University’s library by a corporation that didn’t exist … Continue reading Here’s How A Colorado Dentist Became Big Sugar’s Worst Nightmare

Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Radio Program

Dead Doctors Don't Lie Radio Program Dr. Joel D. Wallach is a bio-medical pioneer whose lifelong passion for wellness has defined his 50 plus year career. His groundbreaking medical and nutritional research on the health benefits of Selenium, and other minerals, led to his discovery that all humans require 90 essential nutrients to achieve and … Continue reading Dead Doctors Don’t Lie Radio Program