X-Ray, MRI’s and Ultrasound Technology

Our Monday night conference call on the education of X-Ray, MRI's and Ultrasound technology.  Mr. Kevin Marcot, Chief MRI Technologist explains in depth his professional perspective regarding MRI's with gray and white (water) matter imaging with and without contrast.  Also, X-Ray and mammography and ultrasound technologies with possible effects from each.  CALL TO ORDER THE YOUNGEVITY … Continue reading X-Ray, MRI’s and Ultrasound Technology

Kidney Disease, Tinnitus,&High Blood Pressure – Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Wallach takes a call from Cal has a friend with kidney disease, tinnitus, high blood pressure and is experiencing dizziness. Dr. Wallach recommends the following products available from http://90minerals.com Healthy Brain and Heart Pak Healthy Bone and Joint Pak Vitamin D3 MSM Ultra Killer Biotic Fucoid Z

Dr. Joel Wallach Health Talk Live 09.14.21

CALL TO ORDER YOUNGEVITY SUPPLEMENTS OR SPEAK TO AN ASSOCIATE (800) 212-2613 Dr. Joel Wallach believes that the human body was Divinely designed so when we give it the proper nutritional tools we can support and promote the body’s natural ability to repair itself. Join us every week as we look at the latest trends in medicine, what they are missing and what you can do to give your body these essential tools to improve your life and longevity.