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Hedge the Central Banks

Max & Stacy discuss:

– Bitcoin is a tool we discovered to probe deeper into the collective unconscious
– Bitcoin is a psychedelic revelation
– Bitcoin is an emergent property of nature
– Ego is an inhibitor to the disruptor process
– All models of consciousness have been shattered
– Mind manifesting on bitcoin
– Everyone is impotent at the altar of bitcoin
– Michael Saylor is on the bitcoin hajj, the pilgrimage
– The pilgrimage to bitcoin Mecca is happiness
– Money is communication
– It is how we went from a unit of a few to a unit of more than a few, a society
– As Confucius said, “the longest journey begins with the first stack”

Max and Stacy chat to Paul Itoi of

– Building a text application on a payments protocol
– Preserving the freedom to assemble
– Value 4 Value Model and streaming sats
– Making it very expensive to behave badly in a chat room

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