Pharmacist Ben Fuchs explains that “a topical-dermatitis” is a scientific term for Eczema, meaning a non-topical condition. In other words, it is not a condition that originates on the surface of the skin. Yet, most treatments for Eczema are topical, like steroid creams. In fact, if you went to a doctor 50 years ago, you’d probably be given the same or similar steroid cream to those given today, showing the failure of our current medical model to address the causes of the disease rather then the symptoms.

Captura de ecrã 2019-02-09, às 08.26.04Though, “in fairness, today, they will actually suggest, …high powered immune suppressant products called ‘biologics’. The bottom line is, we’re still working on knocking out the immune system to treat Eczema, which to me is silly. Why are we knocking out the immune system? Why don’t we figure out what is causing the immune system to go awry?”

“And make no mistake about it, Eczema is an immune system problem.”

“The two major clues to dealing with Eczema, so that you never have it again, are:

1) Figure out what is activating your immune system.

2) Why is the skin sensitive?”

Pharmacist Ben Fuchs recommends doing the F. D. E. protocol to determine the source of the immune system issue.

– Fast

– Food Diary

– Elimination Diet

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