Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the popular herbicide RoundUp, which has been controversial in alternative media for decades, but found its way into the main stream news lately after several high profile court cases.


Glyphosate is a toxin, but please note that, in order to make a plant Glyphosate tolerant, the plant is genetically modified to produce less nutrients.  This means that, not only are you ingesting a toxin, but you are also eating foods robbed of their nutrients.

“Does that sound like a good thing? To eat a plant that can tolerate more herbicide? This is craziness to me.”

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Ben Fuchs explains, “Glyphosate kills microbes by effecting how they process certain chemicals, particularly the amino-acids and because it effects how these microbes process amino-acids, all the chemicals that are upstream from those amino-acids are not being produced; things like Thyroid hormone and Melanin and Melatonin and Serotonin and Adrenaline and vitamins, and Co-enzyme Q10 and Folic Acid.  A whole slew of really important biochemicals are no longer able to be made by the plants, and, this is where it becomes really significant, no longer able to be made by our gut microbes.”

“Make no mistake, we are all ingesting it, because one of the really interesting things about this molecule Glyphosate is that it is water soluble. Usually, pesticides and toxins are fat soluble. Glyphosate is water soluble, which means it is in the water supply. Which means it is in the rain. It rains Glyphosate.”

Glyphosate has been partially or fully banned in many countries, including France, Germany, England, Russia, India, El Salvador, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, and many others.  Dozens of cities and counties across the US have also banned the use of Glyphosate.  It is time to put an end to this human health tragedy.  Please join us in advocating for an end to the use of this horrendous poison and by pushing for Integrated Pest Management programs that eliminate or drastically reduce the use of pesticides.

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