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Dr. Wallach has a recommend a list of foods that you should avoid in order to help the body heal its self naturally. The Good Foods are acceptable to eat in a balanced diet.


Eggs can benefit when eaten as a protein for a meal. 3 at a time in any one meal, 3 times a day.

Poach This is his number one choice because the water or broth never reaches a temperature greater than 212 degrees.

Scramble with butter over very low heat and only until they are just setting up. If you can hear them cooking it’s too hot.

Hard/Soft boiled with the yolk still runny. Bring pot to a boil, then put in eggs for 4 – 5 minutes. Take out and immediately place them in very cold water to cool and this will also help you peel the egg shell off easily when you’re ready to eat them.

Raw Eggs are good BUT you must increase your “biotin” because egg whites contain a protein that may interfere with your body’s ability to make use of it. This can be done by taking the Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails Formula

Salt Fish
Chicken Butter
Pork Lard (yes lard)
Lamb Red Wine
Beef — rare/medium rare Coffee, Tea, Green Tea
Veggies Fruit
Rice Beans
Couscous (made from pearl millet only).
4 – 8, 8oz glasses of filtered water each day.. Avoid soft plastic bottles.
Any carbohydrate (except oatmeal) that is “Gluten Free” is OK.
Salt your food to taste – To properly digest your food you need stomach acid and salt helps in the creation of stomach acid.

Use Butter – Margarine is simply oil in a solid state. If you cook with butter, make sure the heat is low enough that the butter doesn’t turn brown in the pan.


Oats, Oatmeal – even if it says its gluten free
Fried Food– nothing fried! You should boil, broil or bake and never more than medium rare for red meat
Oils – This includes Olive Oil, no canola, no coconut, etc… If it has OIL in the name don’t use it. This also includes anything made from oil, like salad dressing. Dr. Wallach recommends using salt and lemon juice as a salad dressing. No margarine or combo spreads. No mayonnaise. Nothing made from oils.
No burned fats– If you grill your food, try to have something between the food and the fire (like aluminum foil) so the juice doesn’t drip onto the flame and deposit dangerous things onto the meat.
Any nitrates added to meat– Deli meat, tell your butcher NO NITRATES or NITRITES
No carbonated drinks of any kind within one hour before, during or after one hour of meals
Skin of a baked potato or yam. If you boil a potato you can eat the skin
Corn– only 100% GMO free

Text of Wednesday 30 minute Zoom with Doc Wallach dated April 26, 2023 hosted by Youngevity Distributors Pamela and David DesRosiers


OK, welcome everybody.  This is our 30 minute meeting we have with Doctor Wallach every Wednesday here.  It is for educational purposes only, so that you may find joy in living and live the life you want to live by the research that Doctor Wallach has done, has created, was called to do, on the road or wherever he went.  We are fortunate that whether it was a zoo or an aquarium (which many of us already know were helped by Doc’s research  which was made into a manual for the care and maintenance of all of them), or whether it has been human needs, many animals as well as humans have benefitted and will continue to benefit from Doc’s work.  So without further ado, we appreciate you joining us and bring you Dr. Joel Wallach.



Well, thank you so much.  Of course, everything we do is an endless process.  We’re always seeing new people, we’re spending great time with people who have been with us for a long time, and people are passing on the message, and we are expanding our reach.  There are some great things happening.  Within a couple of weeks, couple of months, there is going to be some great news happening  about what we are doing in the world, and so forth, and so I am very excited about this, and let’s start out with your testimony (indicating Laura, who at time co-hosts these  zooms with Pam and Dave).


This is from a customer of mine in England who sent me a message today.  He says that he’s been following your advice and he’s delighted to say

What was his problem?  And his age?


Sorry, but right now I do not remember his age.  He has been dealing with bone spurs and I do not remember the entire thing at the moment, but he has been dealing with arthritis, painful joints and bone spurs, so he’s been on the Healthy Bone and Joint Pack and he said he’s been following your advice and is delighted to say he’s been going to the gym, his angina is becoming less, his hip is improving meaning it is starting to come back, he’s walking up the stairs like normal again, and he feels the bone spurs are being removed from his joints.  He’s staying gluten-free – for a couple of months now, two months.  So he’s starting to feel normal again.  I figured you might enjoy hearing this.


Thank you.  OK, so here is an adult and he had all these problems, I’m sure the doctors wanted to do surgery, wanted to do this and that. But when you give the body the raw materials it needs and stay away from the bad stuff, the body has an enormous capacity to heal itself, so we’ll give the good Lord and this man’s body all the credit.  We are just passing on information, and so I just really get excited and I can’t thank you again for referring his information back to us.  It just confirms everything we know and believe and see since – regardless of race, gender, age –  from all over the world, we have these testimonies coming back to us all the time.  

It’s one of those things where we have to appreciate that we are living organisms.  Things come and go based on what you eat and what you don’t eat, what you drink what you don’t drink, what you do what and you don’t do – if you do everything wrong you’re going to have a shortened miserable life, if you do everything or most everything, right, you’re going to have a long, exciting life. It’s just that simple.  

And so it comes down to information.  That’s why we’ve written so many books, and made so many CDs and DVDs.  We do have many more things coming out in Spanish.  Our Spanish groups are growing like crazy.  

One of the things we talked about the other day (when we were able to have a great Spanish translation made as we were talking – so it is that the Spanish translation is already done) was when we were talking about diseases that were said to be genetic and autoimmune.  Doctors were saying “well, you have a genetic thing here…we can only treat the symptoms, we can’t cure it” –  so they’re saying you have to learn to live with it, that they’ll “only be able to reduce your symptoms, so you will have to learn to live with it… because we can reduce your symptoms, relieve pain” –  that kind of stuff.  Well, my thesis, written over years, after I did 20,000 autopsies, is in the Smithsonian Institute as a National Treasure, because I showed very clearly in that research that there are NO genetically transmitted diseases, there are NO autoimmune diseases.  They’re all just simply nutritional deficiency diseases, OK?  Very simple!

And the rights to publish that thesis as a textbook was done by the top textbook publishing company in the world, and they charge $25,000 per book.  They sell them to big corporations, hospitals, and medical schools, places like that.  Obviously the average person cannot afford $25,000 for a book, so we came up with a summary of that book, and the summary of that book is our book called Epigenetics, The Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission.  [he holds up book, showing its cover] That’s me at the Yerkes Primate Center cradling a monkey in my arms which had cystic fibrosis which was thought by every scientist there to be a genetically transmitted birth defect, and I showed very clearly it is just very simply a nutritional deficiency and that it’s something that can be prevented. They FIRED me shortly after I wrote my article about this finding, because they all believed that it was a genetic thing, and who was I but just a veterinarian with a degree in agriculture and veterinary medicine.  I had done my 20,000 autopsies but it was one of those things where they did not care about that, they just believed what they believed, and so they fired me, instead of sharing this information with the world to end much animal and human suffering.  That’s when I went back to school to become a naturopathic physician so I could take on human patients, which I did up in Portland, Oregon.  So you know we found the cause, prevention and cure for cystic fibrosis:  simple nutritional deficiencies.  

Then I was working with Jerry Lewis and “his kids” for several years, all of whom had muscular dystrophy and I was able to find the cause, prevention and cure for this difficult condition or disease as well, and we notified Jerry Lewis got so excited that he took our dozens of case records of kids we had cured of muscular dystrophy  – this was September of 2011 – he took these to the Annual Meeting of the Board of the Telethon of the Muscular Dystrophy Association —  and they FIRED Jerry Lewis! Not only that, they made him sign a long term gag order about it!  And they cancelled the telethon, which was to start the next day.  

He had raised 2.6 Billion dollars for them over 46 years through the telethon  but they fired him summarily – and he died about 6 years later – but at least he died knowing that the cause, prevention and cure of muscular dystrophy has been found.  He was quite excited about that.

Then the third issue was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Doctors had been saying for years and years that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was caused by mothers laying on their children while sleeping and suffocating them. With Jonathan Emord, one of our great attorneys, he and I went to the federal courts and sued the FDA – the Food and Drug Administration – EIGHT times and we prevailed each and every time in every one of those lawsuits, and we got to include these nutrients into baby formulas such as Enfamil, Similac, and the like, and we eliminated Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Now think about that. A dumb farm boy [referring to himself] from Missouri gets rid of Cystic Fibrosis, Muscular Dystrophy and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome just by putting more vitamins and minerals into baby formulas.

And of course now they’re having difficulties because they can’t  source all the raw materials for the baby formulas so we came out with our baby formula, Kids Toddy.  You do have to add our liquid minerals to it, and you do have to add our EFAs to it to have the essential fatty acids.  

So we can eliminate all these baby diseases they still choose to believe – falsely of course – are genetic diseases and autoimmune diseases, when there are no such things.  There are none.  Zero.  Zippo.  You can’t find me a genetically transmitted disease.  They just say that because they do not want to say “I don’t know” – so they said “Oh, you have three people in your family with a history of this, so it must be genetic.”   

We call that crapola science.  And that’s what the MD medical system has been involved with since they began.  Every time they do not know something, they blame it on the patient, instead of saying, “I don’t know, let me look around and see if I can find somebody who’s doing something about it…”  

But at any rate, we’re excited because we have more and more and more testimonies, more and more diseases going away,  And there are three new books.  And a new educational brochure coming out [holds up a copy of this brochure] in the next couple of weeks which has a little summary of each of my books, and each summary tells you what’s in each book.  There are 23 or so best selling books, a hundred CDs, 25 DVDs, and so forth, all of these are in this educational brochure. And we also have [holds up a book] The Wallach Revolution.  This is a 75 year track record that shows my major discoveries, including those birth defects that they believe were genetic (laughs), and so this is unimpeachable information. 

And so this is one of those things where we can help people.  We are doing things scientifically.  And we have some big stories coming along here in a couple weeks which will blow everybody’s mind.  And we also have a Spanish thing coming along – we did a Spanish translation a couple weeks ago with Angelica.  This translation was done as our presentation was going along so we did not have to take it to a translator after the event,  as it was already done as we were doing the presentation.  It covers this concept of genetics and autoimmune.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And so we want everybody to know there are no genetically transmitted diseases.  There are no autoimmune diseases.  I don’t care what your doctor says.  There are none.  When your doctor says “Oh it’s a genetic disease” that translates into English “I don’t know SO I AM GOING TO BLAME YOU FOR IT.”  

Let’s see here, I have a couple minutes left in my little part here where I talk for the first 10 minutes.  We also have “It’s All In Your Head” [holds up this book] – it covers the 37 different diseases you can have when you have osteoporosis of the skull. This is a book and CD set.  It has one of my favorite pictures – of all the thousands of pictures we have taken over the years – which is this one [opens the book to page vi, which has two pictures ]  Each of these pictures was done during autopsies of two different people.  The tops of each of their skulls were removed.  This is looking down on the rest of each of their skulls.  You see the skull on the top is thin – only a quarter of an inch thick – that is a normal skull.  The bottom picture is of a skull where the skull is an inch and a half to 2 inches thick – this is not bone – it is cartilage and connective tissue trying to replace the bone that is not there anymore, and when this stuff squeezes the 12 pairs of cranial nerves – each 12 of which come out on the two sides of our heads –  as well as squeeze the spinal cord,  which come out of the back of the skull (the spinal cord is formed in the brain and comes out of the back of the skull) – you can get one or all of 37 different diseases!  

The doctors will send you to different specialists for each one of these different diseases and they will tell you they are all genetic, and you have to pay a tremendous amount of money to treat each one of them, and in many cases you can’t reverse it because the problem is HERE [points to the bottom picture].  They might relieve some of the symptoms with some of their pharmaceuticals but then 2 or 3 years later you’ll die because they have not dealt with the disease.  So this book is a good investment.  On page 25 it tells you exactly what to do nutritionally, and for this I got the Lifetime Achievement Award [shows back cover of the book] from the United Nations.  This picture was taken at the New York offices of the United Nations where I received this award for these discoveries.  

So this isn’t – what shall I say? – this isn’t stupid stuff – this isn’t stuff we’ve made up.  This is actual science.  So we can’t thank the Good Lord enough.  Why the Good Lord chose us to be the ones to understand this and to be the ones to come out with it we don’t know, we don’t know, but we are proud and we are going to give the Good Lord the best we can do and that way he knows he chose correctly.  With all that said, over to Dave and Pam.


Thank you Doctor Wallach.  There was a question about type 2 diabetes.  


OK, Type 2 diabetes is very simple.  It is a very simple nutritional deficiency.  We have what we call The Healthy Blood Sugar Pack which is our Healthy Start Pack which has the 90 essential nutrients in it plus it has the Sweet Eze added to it  and per hundred pounds of body weight, per day, you want to take one of those Healthy Blood Sugar Packs.  If you weigh 150 lbs I would get 2 Healthy Blood Sugar Packs.  Do not cold turkey off your medication, but as your blood sugar begins to drop you can slowly reduce your medication based on your numbers.  

And then people always ask me “How long do I have to stay on the Healthy Blood Sugar Pack once my blood sugar is normal now?”  Forever!  How long do you put oil in your car?  Forever!  How long do you put brake fluid in your car?  Forever!  How long do you put antifreeze in your car?  Forever.  You have to keep taking this forever, otherwise within 6 months you will be back down in the hole again and then you will run around saying it did not work for you.  It worked for you!  But you have to take it all the time.  It is not something you just take until the problem goes away and then you quit taking it.  It is kind of like when you are unconscious and they give you oxygen and you wake up.  What if they took away your oxygen?  Well then you’re going to go back into a coma, maybe even die.  OK?  So you need these nutrients forever.  It is one of those things –  you take them forever.  

I have been doing this for 75 years.  I weigh 142 lbs right now and in 5 weeks time I will be 84 years old, and most people think I am in my 50s when they look at me.  They can’t believe I am 84 years old.  I have only been on prescription drugs for 3 days –  when I had an infection after falling at a construction site up in Canada.  I got impaled with a rebar, so they gave me intravenous antibiotics.  That’s it – in my whole life that is the only time I have been on prescription medication and I am 84 years old.  OK?  I don’t have arthritis.  I don’t have diabetes.  I don’t have high blood pressure.  I don’t have Alzheimer’s disease.  I don’t have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy heart disease.  I don’t have liver cirrhosis.  I don’t have psoriasis.  I don’t have irritable bowel syndrome.  I don’t have Crohn’s disease.  I don’t have ANY of that stuff! – because I take all the 90 essential nutrients, and I take all the secret sauces – and I have to pay for them, I don’t get them for free. I pay for them, just like everybody else.  

And so it’s one of those things, after you become one of our members you will pay wholesale for your products, and when you get on autoship I pay the shipping for you, so you save a lot of additional money there on the shipping.  And when you retire or die, guess what?  The business you built with Youngevity goes to your family or your church or whomever you want to give it to – leave it in your Will, to somebody.  If you work for a big multi-billion dollar corporation for 20 or 25 years, you make millions of dollars for them, and when you die or retire, does your family get the job that you had done there for 20 to 25 years?  NO!  I do NOT say “quit that job” –  but at least one evening a month, or one evening a week,  or one weekend a month, or something, work on your Youngevity business and build an organization and it will be a benefit to both you and your family, both healthwise and financially.


TY Doctor Wallach.  Laura, you have your hand raised?


Yes.  So a quick question.  My mother is in a temporary nursing home in Italy – things are slightly different there.  She was told that based on her recent blood tests her good cholesterol is really low, and the doctor, who clearly does not understand nutrition, told her to stop taking her Omega-3.  What do I tell my mom to tell her doctor?


Tell her to tell him she is going to find another doctor.  


[laughs]  She is not confrontational.


You don’t have to be confrontational.  You just say “You know, I will just find another doctor because you know I am not going to argue with you – I like my cholesterol where it’s at.”  

And of course, we have the i26 chewables.  We have the i26 powder.  You have to appreciate that 25% of your brain weight and 25% of your spinal cord weight is myelin.  Have you ever heard of myelin?  




When you get demilyenization, when the myelin goes away, you get short circuiting of your electrical impulses.  You get Alzheimer’s disease.   You get MS.  You get Parkingson’s disease.  You get Lupus.  You get all this stuff.  It turns out – this freaks everybody out – that myelin, the white matter of the brain, is 100% cholesterol, and it makes up 25% of you brain weight, it makes up 25% of your spinal cord weight, and so anybody who says “cut your cholesterol” should go to jail!  


I know.  I am just trying to explain to my mom, because she was saying maybe I should stop doing this “do it yourself” taking of supplements and deciding for myself, and I say it is the same if you were eating salmon everyday, you would be getting omega 3 everyday, so it’s the same thing, it’s just that it’s in a supplement form.  


We have the chewable i26, we have the powder i26.  We have the capsule i26.  She can eat eggs.  I eat 3 eggs twice a day.  I have been doing that for 75 years, soft scrambled in butter, soft boiled, soft poached, not hard boiled, not fried, cause you need the cholesterol, it makes up 25% of your brain weight, for goodness sakes, it makes up 25% of your spinal cord weight.  There are maybe 25 different diseases you can develop when you start reducing your cholesterol.  This was the biggest mistake doctors made 100 years ago when they said “cholesterol causes blockages in your arteries.”  No, it is the fried (in oils) chicken, and the fried (in oils) potatoes, and the fried (in oils) fish that cause the blockages in your arteries, not the cholesterol.  


Alright.  You know, I am having a little issue getting products to Italy.  They are not easy to get products into, so I would have to literally fly them over…”


Well, check with the office, because we send a lot of products to Italy.  We have a BIG business in Italy.


We do?


Oh yeh.  We’re in 80 countries, including Italy.  And so you can call the office and say “Can you give me the email address and telephone number, and all that kind of stuff, of the warehouse there in Italy.”


Alright.  I will check with Corporate.  Thank you.


Thank you Doctor Wallach.  We have another question [she reads from the chat box where a zoom participant wrote]:  “A very active 81 year old lady I know who has had a pacemaker for over 30 years (a new one is put in every 10 years) – she now has cataracts developing and was told by her doctors that she may not be able to have the cataract operation because her blood pressure is too high.  Can she lower her blood pressure with a pacemaker in her?  Should she go ahead with the surgery, if it is allowed?  And instead of surgery, can the cataracts be reversed through nutrition and supplementation?  What can Youngevity do for her?


Well, high blood pressure is easy to deal with.  She needs the 90 essential nutrients, get rid of all the bad foods, take either the Healthy Start Pack if finances are an issue.  If finances are not an issue, take the Healthy Brain and Heart Pack, and then for the blood pressure, per hundred lbs of body weight she wants to take 3 of the Ultimate Daily Classic tablets 2x a day, and that will get the blood pressure down and get the blood flowing through the blocked arteries in the brain, the heart, the kidneys, the lungs, muscles, every place all over the body, eyes.  We deal with this.  These are very simple things, very common things we deal with all the time –  we have programs for them, so we don’t have to make something up, the programs are already there, they’ve been there for 10, 15, 20 years, some of them. 

In terms of whether the cataracts can be reversed:  maybe.  I can’t guarantee it.  It IS possible, but she’s GOT TO DO ALL this stuff I mentioned:  get rid of all the bad stuff:  NO fried foods, NO processed meats, NO oils, NO glutens, take the Ultimate Daily Classic tablets to get that circulation going through the eyes and the brain and take all the stuff above and take Ocutiv, take our Ultimate Vision fx.  Again, it is all in these books.  Look up the disease in the books.  Don’t be lazy and you will add 25+ healthy years to your life by looking at these books and getting information from them and following the directions, just as you would a cookbook.  


Now could you discuss Huntington’s Disease and what Youngevity can do for that.


Well, Huntington’s disease is kind of a cousin to Parkinson’s disease and that sort of stuff.  So this person needs to get the Healthy Brain and Heart Pack per hundred lbs of body weight, 3 eggs 2x a day with soft yokes, soft boiled, soft poached, or very softly scrambled in butter – not hard boiled, not fried (in oil).  I also recommend 3 servings a day of our i26.  Read the label on i26.  It says one serving provides 25% of your daily requirement of cholesterol.  That freaks everybody out becauses they think “well, my doctor says cholesterol is poison, what do you mean by daily requirement of cholesterol?”  Well, 25% of your brain weight is cholesterol.  25% of your spinal cord weight is cholesterol.  95% of estrogen (female hormone) is cholesterol.  95% of the male hormone testosterone is cholesterol.  You do not want to be on cholesterol lowering drugs.  You want to get this into you cholesterol to maintain your brain, your spinal cord, to have a good sex life —  it’s one of those things where we have 23 best selling books. Get the book Epigenetics – it covers a lot of territory – about these diseases – and it helps you understand what these diseases are.  

And then of course we have programs for  600 different diseases.  We have 5,000 products.  We have programs for 600 different diseases.  I have been doing this for 75 years.  And that is why we are so proud of this book [picks up book]  The Wallach Revolution, which just came out a couple of months ago – it is a 75 year track record of my major health discoveries, and then of course many more of my health discoveries [picks up another book] are in this book titled Epigenetics – the Dealth of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission.  

It is an endless process here, and if you don’t understand what’s going on then the book [holds up another book] Hell’s Kitchen is a good place to start, because Hell’s Kitchen goes into the transition from wood ashes and coal ashes, from our use of wood and coal  as a fuel sources for over 3,000 plus years AND as our source of nutritional minerals in our garden and in our food – the transition from using these to our use of electricity, which occurred on Monday, September 4, 1882 when Thomas Edison pulled that switch!  We then got electricity and within 20 years was no more wood ashes nor coal ashes in our diet so since then we have been getting these mineral deficiency diseases which doctors have been saying are genetic.  They were NOT genetic.  They were just simple nutritional deficiency diseases.  

So that’s why we came out with this book Hell’s Kitchen.  Everybody needs to read this book 10x because it will freak you out!  Because it shows you when we went to “bottom land” – which was the most fertile farmland on earth from its getting renewed every year through flooding – well, when they put up the dams for hydroelectric power, they stopped these yearly flood events!  The dams dammed up the flooding, so no more minerals in our bottom lands, no more minerals in our foods, no more wood ashes, no more coal ashes… this book tells you about that transition!  Doctors have NOT paid attention to this transition — so you MUST supplement!  You cannot eat well enough to get everything you need from food alone because plants DO NOT MAKE minerals – plants only make VITAMINS, AMINO ACIDS and FATTY ACIDS  – which are carbon compounds.  

Again, PLANTS DO NOT MAKE MINERALS.  Important also is that what nutritional minerals which still exist in the earth’s crust do NOT occur in a UNIFORM BLANKET around the world in the earth’s crust – instead they occur in sporadic veins, as gold and silver do, SO THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE you get all 90 essential nutrients, including  the 60+ essential minerals, is to SUPPLEMENT with them EVERY DAY.  This is all in this book, Hell’s Kitchen.


That’s good stuff.    


A BRIEF DISCUSSION with Dave and Doc about how the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon Board surreptitiously silenced Jerry Lewis because they did NOT want the world to learn the cause, prevention and cure for Muscular Dystrophy had been found, but instead wanted to keep making money from the telethon and future fundraising (the Telethon died shortly thereafter because Jerry Lewis was no longer there to do it since they fired and placed a gag order on him).  Meeting ended.

(done by Christina Bernat, Youngevity Distributor)

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