The 90 Essential Nutrients Interview – Dr. Joel Wallach

Dr. Joel D. Wallach is a bio-medical pioneer whose lifelong passion for wellness has defined his 50 plus year career. His groundbreaking medical and nutritional research on the health benefits of Selenium, and other minerals, led to his discovery that all humans require 90 essential nutrients to achieve and maintain optimal health. Known as the Mineral Doctor, Dr. Wallach was awarded the Prestigious Klaus Schwartz Award in 2011 for his ground breaking research of the trace mineral Selenium and its association to Cystic Fibrosis. The Klaus Schwartz Medal is awarded to Pioneers in the field of trace-element research. More importantly, his research inspired him to found Youngevity, in an effort to improve the health of as many people as possible.

In 1977, while working as a pathologist at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Dr. Wallach made a groundbreaking discovery. One that polarized the scientific community. During this time, Dr. Wallach was investigating the death of a baby monkey. He determined that the monkey had suffered from Cystic Fibrosis, which was then believed to be a genetic disease only found in humans.

Dr. Joel D Wallach BS,DVM,ND

Dr. Wallach’s research showed that a nutrient-deficient diet, not just genetics, was to blame for the monkey’s disease and untimely death. This finding led to the belief that we could influence our health and longevity through nutrition and environmental changes. A hypothesis that was ahead of its time, but widely ignored and ridiculed by Dr. Wallach’s peers.

Nevertheless, Dr. Wallach persisted, earning yet another degree and becoming a Naturopathic Physician. He proceeded to open three clinics that treated patients using his theories. His life’s mission became clear: to spread the message that proper nutrition and healthy choices could help you live younger, longer.

He quickly realized that in order to spread his message worldwide, he had to do more. He needed to start a movement. He needed passionate, health conscious people to share his message, and a vehicle to carry it forward. In 1997, Youngevity was born, and Dr. Wallach formulated a group of products, 90 For Life, which contains Dr. Wallach’s 90 Essentials which remain at the center of Youngevity’s core product offering. Today, we continue to spread Dr. Wallach’s all-important message through a growing line of unique products and an expanding network of passionate supporters.

The 90 Essential Nutrients Interview – Dr. Joel Wallach from The Wallach Log on Vimeo.



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