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Dr. Wallach has a recommend a list of foods that you should avoid in order to help the body heal its self naturally. The Good Foods are acceptable to eat in a balanced diet.


Eggs can benefit when eaten as a protein for a meal. 3 at a time in any one meal, 3 times a day.

Poach This is his number one choice because the water or broth never reaches a temperature greater than 212 degrees.

Scramble with butter over very low heat and only until they are just setting up. If you can hear them cooking it’s too hot.

Hard/Soft boiled with the yolk still runny. Bring pot to a boil, then put in eggs for 4 – 5 minutes. Take out and immediately place them in very cold water to cool and this will also help you peel the egg shell off easily when you’re ready to eat them.

Raw Eggs are good BUT you must increase your “biotin” because egg whites contain a protein that may interfere with your body’s ability to make use of it. This can be done by taking the Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails Formula

Salt Fish
Chicken Butter
Pork Lard (yes lard)
Lamb Red Wine
Beef — rare/medium rare Coffee, Tea, Green Tea
Veggies Fruit
Rice Beans
Couscous (made from pearl millet only).
4 – 8, 8oz glasses of filtered water each day.. Avoid soft plastic bottles.
Any carbohydrate (except oatmeal) that is “Gluten Free” is OK.
Salt your food to taste – To properly digest your food you need stomach acid and salt helps in the creation of stomach acid.

Use Butter – Margarine is simply oil in a solid state. If you cook with butter, make sure the heat is low enough that the butter doesn’t turn brown in the pan.


Oats, Oatmeal – even if it says its gluten free
Fried Food– nothing fried! You should boil, broil or bake and never more than medium rare for red meat
Oils – This includes Olive Oil, no canola, no coconut, etc… If it has OIL in the name don’t use it. This also includes anything made from oil, like salad dressing. Dr. Wallach recommends using salt and lemon juice as a salad dressing. No margarine or combo spreads. No mayonnaise. Nothing made from oils.
No burned fats– If you grill your food, try to have something between the food and the fire (like aluminum foil) so the juice doesn’t drip onto the flame and deposit dangerous things onto the meat.
Any nitrates added to meat– Deli meat, tell your butcher NO NITRATES or NITRITES
No carbonated drinks of any kind within one hour before, during or after one hour of meals
Skin of a baked potato or yam. If you boil a potato you can eat the skin
Corn– only 100% GMO free

Pure Buckwheat has FAGO Pyrites that are also harmful

00:14:39 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: Welcome to Wednesday with Dr. Joel Wallach
00:21:47 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: http://www.drjwallach.com for the Wallach Revolution and other books to find how to do things from home…
00:23:40 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: It’s all in your head…Coronal Section of Skull Osteoporosis of the skull…
00:23:57 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: 37 different diseases from osteoporosis of the skull.
00:24:48 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: pg 27 gives the protocol..form Dr. Wallach
00:25:40 Amy Chris: an 81 year old very active lady I know has had a pace maker for over 30 years (a new one is put in every 10 years) – she now has cataracts developing and is told that her high blood pressure may prevent her from getting the cataract surgery. What can you Youngevity do her?
00:25:47 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: type 2 diabetes healthy blood sugar pack, per 100#’s
00:26:06 Amy Chris: And please discuss Huntington’s Disease and what Youngevity can do for it. TY!
00:31:06 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: when people have a doctor that is trying to give your family members bad advice. . . we need to bring them a book of dr. wallach’s and show them in the book where the 90 are essential. Nothing runs properly unless it has a proper foundation.
00:33:03 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: high blood pressure brain and heart pack with the 3 ultimate daily classic tablets too
00:34:25 Amy Chris: so should the lady with cataracts developing have the surgery?
00:34:43 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: huntingtons disease is kin to parkinsons disease….soft scrambled eggs, i-26 3 hours away from the other eggs.
00:35:12 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: epigenetics at: http://www.drjwallach.com
00:36:21 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: from wood ashes to coal ashes…then we went to electricity and minerals were not in the food anymore…
00:36:54 Amy Chris: or can youngevity reverse her cataracts ?
00:37:23 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: plants do not make minerals…minerals occur in veins
00:38:30 Pam & Dave IntheThumb: fried foods must not be consumed if people want to see clearer and the 90 essential nutrients.
00:38:32 Laura : What’s the MAX number of OCUTIV daily?

Wednesday, May 3, 2023 zoom with Doc Wallach hosted by Pam and Dave DesRosiers: 

Pam introduced Doc, mentioning his phenomenal and seminal work with animals and humans, and restates that this meeting is for educational purposes only so that you may find joy in the life you want to live.  



Things continue to move forward.  We have some very interesting news: we have a guy by the name of Nick who bought a nursing home 2 to 3 months ago and is introducing our products to the seniors there!  

This is very exciting because we can really shine here, because we have a LOT of experience with seniors with all kinds of issues – everything from high blood pressure,  arthritis, diabetes, central nervous system issues, eye issues, back issues, leg issues, arm issues, heart issues, stomach issues, lung issues, etc.  We’ve been having a LOT of success with residents in other nursing homes.  So we should have another great report in a month or two from Dave, and we are getting all this organized because as we do that we will be able to encourage others to do this – to become either an associate or partner as someone who owns one or more nursing homes. We will update you as this goes along.

2:48  We have always been talking about getting kids on our program because we want to get as many people as early as we can to PREVENT them from having to go into a nursing home when they get to be in their 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, and so forth.  But we have also been getting the message out there with many older citizens.  So everyone, contact the owners and managers of nursing homes in your areas  and see if they want to work with us – which means they will be working with us through YOU, of course – and ask if they have anyone in there with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc, and contact their families, to see if they want to participate.  

4:06  I think before the end of this year we will have dozens – or more – of these nursing homes because of what is going to be coming out here as things progress and we have our further successes, that we know we will have, with these various health issues.  This will include scientific articles getting written to go into reputable medical journals, business journals, newspapers, and to be discussed on tv interviews and radio interviews, and so forth.  So when you think about this, make a list of the nursing homes in your immediate areas.  You will usually find them either in the bigger cities or in the counties that have  big cities in them.  Contact them.  

5:00  I will be happy to do 3 ways with you to talk with the managers and owners of these nursing homes. So this is a new concept or goal for us here because we have had such success with this one – with all the experience with these various programs we have – so let’s all have dozens of nursing homes per five star [five star is one level of Youngevity distributor], or something like that. This is going to be wonderful.  

5:38  I also want to say we continue to have our great success with the general issues of kids having educational issues and not being able to learn, and as we get them on the program, they DO have exciting advances in their ability to learn and remember things.  

Don’t forget that Rebound Fx in the cans do have carbonation, and so it is a little complicated for them [nursing homes] to think about popping their tops and putting them into their refrigerators and giving those to residents to drink the next morning, when they are flat and all the bubbles are gone.  So let’s NOT talk about Rebound Fx cans to the nursing homes.  Let’s talk with them about either the Rebound Fx canisters with 36 servings in them or the boxes that have 30 sticks of the Rebound Fx.  These are all powder so they have no carbonation, and will give energy and clearer thinking etc.   

6:45  And of course we have the topical things such as the CM Cream, from our Youngevity product line, and we have the Hemp FX Soothe cream, from our Hemp FX division, for really significant pain relief, so they don’t have to take prescription drugs for pain relief, although prescription drugs have the advantage that insurance will pay for it if the doctor writes the script for it.  So our goal is to have many nursing homes and thus both save insurance companies money and save these nursing homes money –  and since we will save insurance companies money they may say “we will support what you do and here is a list of what we can do if, it fits your agenda…”.  So by the end of this year we should have enough information to write some scientific articles which will make it easier for each and every one of you to have nursing homes…

… as well as schools where the kids live as residents in their schools!  

8:21  So I am excited about all that.  

I  also recently dug up an old CD called Rebound Fx.  It has the story of Mike Glenn, Phil Oliver, Theo Ratliff, and many other athletes who had all kinds of problems we helped them with so they could continue with their careers, instead of having to retire prematurely from injuries, etc. We came up with Rebound Fx for them, it is from our Youngevity line of products.  So you can provide this CD to local newspapers, local tv and radio stations and we will be able to do things with them – we have a long history of doing this already. 

9:03  We also have the book Hell’s Kitchen, the book Epigenetics, the book It’s All in Your Head,  the book Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, the book The Wallach Revolution, etc, so we have plenty of books that you can provide to them for the information in them.  I especially like Hell’s Kitchen for telling about the transition between two epochs:  if you go back thousands and thousands of years ago, people were using wood and coal as fuel for heating and cooking and our ancestors DAILY took the ashes left over from this and put them in their gardens.  

These coal and wood ashes were 95% to 98% MINERALS, and 2% or 3% carbon.  When these ashes were put into the garden soils, the vegetables etc would suck up the minerals, then we would eat these vegetables out of the garden AND GET OUR MINERALS THAT WAY!   But once we went to electricity, oh oh,  NO MORE wood or coal ashes!  So that is why we came out with our Blooming Minerals.  [holds up the Blooming Minerals canister, which is one of our Youngevity products]  

10:25  This is a 4.5 lb canister.  We also have this in a 2.5 lb canister as well as a 40 lb bag.  This product has all these plant derived minerals in powdered form which are GREAT for gardens.  So this is another route: in addition to taking the supplements in the form of powders, capsules, tablets, and liquids etc., you can use Blooming Minerals in your gardens — even if you have something as small as a couple of tomato plants in your kitchen!  Use these Blooming Minerals in your tomato plants in your kitchen and you will have a great increase not only in the amount of tomatoes both in number and size, but also in their nutritional value!   

11:13  These are avenues people have not thought about for a while, and now that the covid pandemic is pretty much over, it’s time to be crawling out from that and start talking to people and introducing stuff to people.  

Again, we have the books and CDs, we have these zoom events every week, like this one hosted by Dave and Pam, great partners and members of the Youngevity family, and through such efforts we have introduced this information to a tremendous number of people through that covid time into the present and will continue to do this going into the future, helping them with their health issues, and their loved ones’ health issues. 

12:10  Again, this is an ongoing thing.  

As people live longer, they develop more health issues unless they are taking  the 90 essential nutrients.  I myself, in about 3 or 4 weeks,  I will be turning 84, and most people don’t think I am 84 because I do NOT have any arthritis, any high blood pressure, I don’t have any diabetes,  I don’t have any of that kind of stuff.  

Here’s a personal testimony – my own testimony about myself:  the only thing that I was having was a loss of vision in my left eye – I got to squinting a bit in that eye because of that – and I was losing some vision in my right eye.  So I made an appointment to check this out and see if I needed stronger glasses etc… and of course the doctors want to do cataract operations and all that kind of stuff… well, I started taking Herbal Rainforest [this Youngevity product is great at flushing out toxic minerals], which I had not been taking because I did my hair analysis and I did not have any toxic minerals.  Still, I just decided to try taking an ounce of Herbal Rainforest at breakfast and an ounce at dinner time.  

13:14  After TWO WEEKS of this, I am taking my glasses off and I CAN ACTUALLY SEE BETTER WITHOUT MY GLASSES than I can WITH my glasses.  I am still going to keep my eye doctor appointment to see what we will do for my eye glasses because they will likely need to be LOWER STRENGTH!   

And I may have to do this again in 3 months, or 6 months, or whatever.  Maybe I will do nothing for a couple of months and spend more time WITHOUT my glasses, because the Herbal Rainforest is lessening whatever was bothering my eyesight.  I do not know if it is increasing the blood flow into my eyes, or if it is dealing with the macula, which is the area in the back of your eyeball where the optic nerve goes into the back of the eye and is full of blood vessels and nerves, etc.   

14:02  These blood vessels and nerves in the macula of the eye are apparently improving because of the Herbal Rainforest.  This is exciting!  So I will see what the eye doctor says in a couple of weeks.  I will keep the appointment which is in about 2 weeks, because he has my old records from years ago.  I have not been to an eye doctor in many years.  

So this is VERY exciting, from just adding this to my personal program, a program I have been taking over 50+ years – as a result of which I have no high blood pressure, no diabetes, no arthritis, no fibromyalgia, no congestive heart failure, no asthma, no liver cirrhosis, no irritable bowel syndrome, none of that stuff… because I have been taking all these nutrients!  I also still have my own appendix! 

15:03  So these are sort of the newer things I am throwing out there and encouraging everybody to get to know all nursing homes in your area and make a formal appointment with the manager and/or owner of the nursing home, and say “we are starting to work with nursing homes and we have been getting some great results, which will make it less costly for your nursing home to care for your residents…. so instead of them being in your nursing home for 3 or 5 or 6 years, or maybe even 10 or 12 years, maybe they will even leave your nursing home, but they will get all their buddies who are in nursing homes, to get on the same approach.”  This is exciting.  

15:58  And so I am working to get all of you to do as much as you can, without spending a lot of money and time.  We have the phone, we have the internet, emails, texting etc., which all saves a lot of running around and time, and in gasoline etc. 

So with that, I have got about 5 minutes left to my special segment today.  Any questions, Dave or Pam, about the areas I have covered today?

16:34  PAM

I want to tell you that when my mom was in a nursing home – this was in Nevada – my brother told me they had fruit trees there and that it was a very nice place where she would be comfortable.  This inspired me to get their address from my brother so I could send that nursing home a canister of Blooming Minerals, as well as a thank you pack for her care givers there.  

When my mom was in Michigan [where Pam and her husband Dave live – she laughs a bit because Doc is giving her a thumbs up], I also gave the people who were helping my mom the Cardio sticks, the Rebound Fx sticks, and the BTT  [Beyond Tangy Tangerine] sticks, because I wanted them to have everything they could to sustain them as they were caring for mom, and to feel good as they did so.  

17:25  So I appreciate you mentioning this because it does make sense not only to give nutrition to the care givers, but also to give it to the seniors so they are better and easier to work with instead of laying there like dead weight, etc.

17:41 DOC

And they will be less likely to be urinating in their bed, and pooping in their pants, etc., because they will be more alert etc.  This will decrease their cost of care giving and maintenance – and of course, once all of this gets out, there will be more and more people saying “you know, I feel really good about putting my mom in a nursing home now, because THEY ARE GOING TO WORK ON MAKING HER GET BETTER, as opposed to just changing her diapers!”  

And so I really REALLY am excited about this.  This is going to be a LEGENDARY STEP FORWARD, and so thank you, Pam, for sharing your personal information and experience with nursing homes.

18:30  PAM

Absolutely.  I hope that we are all able, and flexible, etc., when we are in our 80s, 90s, our 100s. [Doc gives Pam another thumbs up and a big smile]   And may we not even have to use the nursing homes, which will result in less of a burden on them and then maybe their staff will have more time to enjoy their lunch hour, and maybe even be able to run an occasional personal errand during a lunch or dinner break! [Pam giggles]  

18:48  DOC  

They can also do a better job of taking care of the patients that DO NEED nursing home care!  And also, as you say, if they build a business with the families of the people who are in the nursing home, that will be another source of income for them, so they won’t be so strapped income-wise.  

This is why hospitals are so successful, because they have maybe 25 different streams of income, in addition to their patients: they have classes, they have this and that, they have training programs…  We can do the same thing with nursing homes – get them involved in these projects and have them start an organization… and this organization will also send them THEIR family members who need a nursing home.  So it’s going to be a win-win situation for soooo many people.  I am very very excited about this, and thank you for sharing about this – I appreciate that.  

And in the morning sometime, or earlier in the day, I would appreciate if you can come in on the noon thing, noon to 1 pm, or 1 to 2 pm, and get on and tell your story about your mom and the nursing home… would you do that?

20:10  PAM

I sure would.  I was on Char’s zoom [Char is a long time Younger distributor who has regularly been on Doc’s radio shows and who for decades has often appeared live with Doc at such live events as conventions etc.  One of the reasons for this being that as a 25+ year user of Youngevity products, she looks 30-40 years younger than she is – so Doc loves when she appears live with him because people can see with their own eyes what taking these supplements over decades or lifelong can do for them as well],  earlier but I did not have a chance to talk because I was getting ready for this zoom.  

But you know, you mentioned Herbal Rainforest, I would like to discuss that, because I do not have an appendix – that has been gone since I was 10.  And so when I was with someone yesterday, she said I need to have the probiotics going through my body all day long.  Is that true?

20:41  DOC

Well, probiotics are going to help your immune system.  Your appendix is part of your immune system.  For the doctors to take your appendix out – though there ARE times when that is necessary, such as when it ruptures – yet many times they have removed it when it was not necessary for it to be taken out.  For people who have had it removed, and who have issues with digestion and with absorption, or who are constantly getting whatever is going around – like infectious things – because of their immune system being down, they should try the Herbal Rainforest.  And of course it does not hurt to get the hair analysis to find out where they are toxic metal-wise, and have such people read the book Hell’s Kitchen, for the information about that transfer from wood and coal ashes to electricity.  

21:38  Most people do NOT THINK OR KNOW about that transfer.  They DO NOT TEACH ABOUT THIS IN SCHOOL, EVEN TO MEDICAL STUDENTS.  They do not teach anything about that transition from thousands of years of using wood and coal as fuel and daily using the ashes in gardens, and going from that to only electricity, whereby we lost our source of nutritional minerals that we had had for thousands and thousands of years!  

And people say “just eat and you will get everything you need.”  THAT USED TO BE TRUE, BUT NOT ANY MORE – NOT AFTER WE WENT TO ELECTRICITY AS OUR POWER SOURCE. 

22:06  So we all have to supplement.  And it would not hurt for you to grow a garden.  Even if you have only a spare room, you can grow a little garden in the house, or have a little screen covered garden out in your backyard, or in your screened-in porch – so that the rabbits won’t eat anything.  

I am very excited about Nick’s purchase and work with this nursing home because this will be a new giant leap forward, and I suspect this is going to grow to other nursing homes rather quickly, because it gives them another source of income as well as another way to show their residents’ families that their loved ones are getting benefit from living there.  They are not just giving them a sponge bath and feeding them, but are REALLY DOING something to INCREASE THEIR QUALITY OF LIFE.  I think this is really a GREAT STEP FORWARD for nursing homes.  So, Pam,  put your story together and let’s see what we can do.  

23:10  We can start making some additional tools – which we already have plenty of.  Some people say “people don’t use CDs anymore.”  Well, they still have access to CD players.  They still have adapters they can use in their car by sticking it into the car’s cigarette lighter and so use an old cassette player.  So this will be good for humanity, be good for families, and good for towns that have nursing homes in them.  [….Perhaps we can offer a written version of each of these CDs – with each purchase of a CD – in the future –  so everyone can read the material on each CD if they like – we should look into this…]

24:01  When people come to nursing homes, the families stay at a hotel, buy gasoline, buy food, go to restaurants, etc., this increases the cash flow into those towns that have nursing homes…  and if those visiting the resident of the nursing home are going to stay there for a while because they can take mom or dad out of the nursing home and take them to a restaurant – because now they have been on our program for 3 months, or 6 months or a year –  and when they see that mom or dad,  or whomever their loved one is, are 25%, or 50%, or 75% BETTER, they can ask “why are you here when you are 75% better?” and their loved ones responds “I like it here, I don’t have to worry about doing this or that, and so I want to stay here until I am all better…”  So then they can say, “well, that’s good … just keep taking these 90 essential nutrients and the pain remedies such as that CM cream and the Soothe from their HEP FX line…”! 

24:57 …  and don’t forget about our Hand Sanitizer Gel, while quantities last [holds up a bottle of it – this item is in our Youngevity line and was specially made for the covid years… now only the last quantities are left as this line has been discontinued now that we are clear of the worst of covid] because in the nursing homes they tend to be – what shall I say – they are spreading germs around…they may not wipe their bottoms right and so get it on their hands and then touch surfaces and knobs that turn things on and turn things off,  for electricity and water, etc.   

And don’t forget our Colloidal Silver [holds up this item].  I take a dropper full of that onto the left side of my tongue and the right side of my tongue, when I wake up in the morning.  Then I take 2 droppers full again about 10 minutes before breakfast,  and 10 minutes before lunch, and 10 minutes before dinner time, and 10 minutes before bedtime.  During the pandemic covid 19 – for those almost 3 years –  I was still dealing with people and experiencing them running up and hugging me and offering me their hands for a handshake, etc., and  I never got the virus, because I am taking all my nutrients to support my immune system and I am taking the Colloidal Silver to kill the bugs, and I also use my hand sanitizer to kill the bugs, and I am taking my Rebound Fx to be energetic, etc.

26:10  So the beat goes on.  Incorporate these things into your life.  When you are an Associate running a Youngevity business and you use Rebound Fx and you can staple one of these little packets to one of these education brochures [holds up both items] and hand them out, it becomes tax deductible because when you are doing this as a business your cost of your health insurance and this kind of stuff is tax deductible.  The same thing is true of your Youngevity minerals, etc..  

27:05  Just put in your legal sheets what your organization is going to cover, and that would include YOUR vitamins and minerals that keep your health up, as well as the samples you give away.  

Also if you do this out of your home, you are going to get ENORMOUS TAX DEDUCTIONS  at the end of the year.  You will get the benefit of thousands of dollars back, if you are running your business out of your home.  

DO NOT be renting an office in a mall, or something like that… you can do that once a month or something to have an event, but DO NOT be renting an office in a mall where you are having to pay a monthly rent, utilities and insurance, etc! 

27:51   When you run it out of your home, you will be able to deduct whatever percentage of floor space you are using from your mortgage or your rent, and also, that same percentage from your utilities, from your homeowner’s insurance, etc.  You will get a very big total amount back at the end of the year, and so we are very excited about all these benefits.  

We only have 2 or 3 minutes left.  Do you want to say anything, Pam or Dave, before we run?

28:18  PAM

When we get those minerals inside the nursing home, could I put a vending machine in there with all the samples? [she giggles}  That is what I’d like to do!  

28:28  DOC

Yeah, exactly!  You can have a vending machine in there.  Of course, again, that could also be for things like our hand sanitizer [while quantities last], our Colloidal Silver, and our CM Cream… [holds up these various items as he mentions them]

28:48  DAVE

and our toothpaste, and our shampoo…

28:54  DOC

There you go!  

28:56  DAVE

Doc, I wanted to jump in here about that.  That is a really great idea.  I know several older folks who are struggling trying to pay rent in their apartment or with trying to maintain a home, and if they could take Youngevity and go live in a nursing home, if they are ill – and if not ill move to a senior facility or retirement community – and be mobile and have a car there to go out and do what they want to do – without having to worry about maintaining a house or an apartment themselves, perhaps with Medicare helping to pay for them to live there, or whatever,  then they could afford their Youngevity better.

29:31  DOC

OK, Dave, let’s go for it.  

29:37  DOC

I will be available for anybody out there who wants to have me talk in a 3 way with them with a nursing home manager or owner.  They will  be happy to hear from you, Dave, because they are looking for help.  They are overwhelmed, I am sure, with cost increases etc. So let’s get to work to help more people and do the Good Lord’s work.  

30:04  DAVE 

Doc, I would like to talk with Nick who now owns the nursing home you discussed. 

30:08  DOC

We filmed a discussion with Nick.  Rebecca recorded it.  Our conversation with Nick is a good place to start because he did a great job in responding and with answering questions and telling us how he did things and introduced things, and so forth.  It is really a great thing.  I will talk to Rebecca.  You can actually text or email Rebecca and find out where and how to can watch this interview.

30:43  PAM

It’s 9 o’clock and we have to end.

DAVE says that this was a wonderful zoom.  Doc waves goodbye saying I love two both.  Pam says good night and everyone have a better tomorrow.  The meeting ended.

/This summary text done by Christina Bernat, a Youngevity Distributor since 2016        

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