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This is the Wednesday with Wallach zoom May 10-2023
The discussion was on connective tissue, Bladder and Kidney issues, and more.
Dave gave a testimony to wrap things up.

TOPICS in this 30 Minute zoom:  Doc discusses connective tissue of all sorts, a male caller asks about polyps and his colon cancer MD diagnosis and a very active and athletic 64 year old woman asks about her MD osteoporosis diagnosis

Summary Text  (NOT word for word)  of Wednesday 30 minute Zoom with Doc Wallach dated May 10, 2023 co-hosted by Youngevity Distributors wife and husband team, Pamela and David DesRosiers


Welcome everybody….legally we must say this is for educational and entertainment purposes only…we are not diagnosing,  treating or curing.  That being said, it takes great discipline and changes in our mindset and habits to live the protocols we are here to discuss – for them to work.   

We know pigs are cured and dogs healed (play on words) [Pam laughs], so we humans are here seeking true and science based clinical advice on the use of nutrition and nutrients to feel better.  If you have a desire to make a 90 day change [and perhaps permanent] in your lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.  Dr. Joel Wallach’s research and his development team has created an army of humans sharing this information with others about the benefits of following these protocols, all while he raised his children from his [boat?]house, to zoos he worked with, and while he went on the road to lecture all over the world.  

To be respectful, I ask you all to have your questions written down [in advance] and to please mute your phones.  Doc will speak for about 15 minutes.  Then we can take your questions. 


Today we will talk about connective tissue:  skin, arteries and veins, tendons and ligaments, heart valves, the bone matrix, the discs between the vertebrae, etc.  Just think about how many parts of your body, and how many tissues, are connective tissues.  

They require an ENORMOUS amount of nutrition to maintain, because they are being used by us like crazy.

I always like to start out with the skin because we can see it.  It is hard to see your heart valves, but you can see your skin. It is not unusual for people to have psoriasis.  Psoriasis comes in many forms – it can change your skin different colors, you can get raised itchy patches, cracks in the skin, etc. You can lose your hair and it can turn gray.  None of this has to do with aging. These are all due to nutritioal deficiencies.

With arteries and veins blockages can occur, and this can be due to deficiencies in the nutrients that are needed daily to maintain the walls of the arteries and veins, which are, again, connective tissue, and elastic tissue – elastic tissue is a kind of connective tissue.  

So what to do about this?  

We have to appreciate that we require at the least 90 essential nutrients:  60 minerals,  16 vitamins,  12 amino acids, and 3 fatty acids.  These are called ESSENTIAL because our bodies CANNOT MAKE  THEM.  We must consume these in either their workable forms or from raw materials our bodies can easily transform to the good stuff our bodies can use. 

So we have what we call the Healthy Start Pak, which has all these 90 essential nutrients in it  – this Pak is the core of our products, upon which we have built additional Paks [to help those dealing with  specifically needed additional nutrition while working to reverse different diseases and conditions, such as the Healthy Brain and Heart Pak, which  provides what some people’s cardiovascular system needs more of.   Some may need to take these specific packs forever, some only while working to reverse their condition, in which case these people can go on the Healthy Start Pak as a maintenance nutrition.  But the need to take at least the Healthy Start Pak exists FOREVER.  It is not something our bodies can do well without, if we want to live well and be healthy until the day we are no longer here].

The very first Pak we created beyond our basic Healthy Body Start Pak was inspired by our meeting basketball player Theo Ratliff.  When he came to us for help,  we started looking at the bone matrix etc, arthritis, osteoporosis, and started adding to the 90 essential nutrients things like collagen, which we called Gluco-Gel.  We called this our Healthy Bone and Joint Pak. 

Theo had lost his spot with the Atlanta Hawks at the YOUNG AGE OF 24! – because he had developed BONE ON BONE arthritis in BOTH  knees!  All doctors wanted to do was give him double knee replacements!  SO HE COULD NOT PLAY BASKETBALL ANYMORE… the team TERMINATED HIM and took away his $35 MILLION contract! 

Theo came to us through his pastor,  because we had been working with his church for many years… and told us his story.  So we said we would formulate something for his specific needs, the needs of a professional athlete.  [such a product would also help a heavily active athletic person or child who is not a professional athlete]  At that time, we did not have anything to regrow cartilage and tendons and ligaments… so we created our Gluco-Gel, which was our first collagen product, and added that to the Healthy Start Pak, and called it our Healthy Bone and Joint Pak.

About 3 or 4 months later, we also came up with our Rebound because of working with Theo. This is our sports drink [which Gatorade is popularly considered to be, despite having less than a few nutrients in it].  Our Rebound has over 100 nutrients in it, including some of the nutrients that are required by our connective tissues and all tissues of the body everywhere.  So this is not something that is new to us.  We did not accidentally fall upon this.  We put this together based on our knowledge of what these tissues require!

Theo was diligent in taking these AND AVOIDING THE BAD FOODS and in only maybe a couple months or so HE GOT HIS POSITION BACK, AND CONTINUED TO PLAY FOR 11 MORE YEARS AND MADE 100 MILLION DOLLARS through his successful career. 

5:06   Your skin is like the red warning light for MANY things, including deficiencies of the raw materials for connective tissue.  In the bone matrix, the minerals sit on a connective tissue tube … again, this tube is  made of CONNECTIVE TISSUE.  [very important to grasp this]

And then, our arteries and veins, the valves for our heart, and the tendons that hook the heart valves to the muscles of the heart – these are all also made of connective tissue …

… the skin is kind of interesting to me, because you have the sweat glands to help keep you cool and to get rid of poisons.  In our sweat are also antibodies and the oils in your skin.  These protect you against viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast…and this connective tissue we call skin has hair follicles …  so the skin has an ENORMOUS and wide berth of things it is required to do!  All these functions require all the 90 essential nutrients!  

And of course we throw into our Healthy Bone and Joint Pak, the core of which is the 90, many other nutrients … for a total of 215 nutrients!  And on top of that we like to throw in our MSM, the Collagen Peptides, our Gluco-Gel, the Collagen sticks, and our Rebound.  Rebound has 75 minerals in it, and 25 vitamins and amino acids.

7:01   Now let’s  look at Red Bull… it only has ONE mineral in it – magnesium – and the B vitamins, which come from the leftovers when the factories make beer and wine and whiskey etc.  And  that’s it.  We put 100 nutrients in our sports drink – they only put in one mineral while we have 75 minerals in Rebound!  Our Rebound has 25 vitamins plus amino acids.

7:39   This is why we have sooooo many successful athletes who came to us after they were broken down whom we have helped come back to very successful long careers, including Evander Holyfield…. Holyfield lost his title after he had his heart attack – meaning the connective tissue in his heart was falling apart! … and when he came to us we were inspired to come  up with our Healthy Brain and Heart Pak….   

8:02   And nine months later, he had his come back — he beat up  Mike Tyson and got his heavy weight championship title back!  WHO COMES BACK FROM A NEAR FATAL HEART ATTACK AND BEATS UP A MIKE TYSON???

TWO referees had to jump into the ring and stop the fight! … because Mike Tyson was knocked out,  while standing on his feet with his arms down… while Evander Holyfield was just beating the snot out of him!  

So they stopped the fight, and he got his Championship Title back – despite having that nearly fatal heart attack just under a year earlier … because we took care of his connective tissue!

8:34    So we have the products, we have the experience,  we have the books and CDs.  I do want you to get a hold of the book The Wallach Revolution [holds up this book].  There are two famous people who wrote testimonials for this book.  Pat Boone wrote the foreword,  because he had TERRIBLE arthritis we helped him get rid of … it was so bad he was using a wheelchair… and he was going to have a double knee replacement because all of the connective tissue in his knees and his hips, and in his vertebrae, were all going down the tubes.  

So we got him on our Healthy Bone and Joint Pak – which we had made when working with Theo Ratliff – and got Pat Boone repaired!  So he wrote the foreword to this book… isn’t that cool?

9:07   The second famous person, Danny Glover, wrote the last chapter in the book because he had epilepsy and the seizures that come with that… and on top of that he had other stuff going on.  So we rebuilt him and he came back and does NOT have epilepsy anymore! 

10:14   So nobody can argue with the stories in those two testimonials because it is the people themselves who had these stories who wrote about themselves!  So nobody can argue that I am making all this up!  So get this book!  It is a 75 year track record of all the things we have done to repair and replace WORN OUT AND DAMAGED CONNECTIVE TISSUE!   So be with us, and guess what?… you will do great!   

10:40  And don’t forget the book Hell’s Kitchen [holds up this book], because this tells about the transition that occurred at 3 o’clock in the afternoon on Monday, September 4, 1882… when we went from using wood and coal as our cooking and heating sources…  to electricity.    

Before that date, for thousands of years we used wood and coal for fuel, and we put the ashes remaining from burning these into our gardens the next morning – we did this for thousands and thousands of years.  [from LONG BEFORE THE OLD TESTAMENT!]  

These ashes was where our ancestors got their minerals!  

Well, once we went to electricity, there were NO MORE ASHES.  And doctors said, Oh just eat well and you will get everything you need.  Well, that’s because they had NEVER REALIZED WE WERE NOT GETTING OUR WOOD AND COAL ASHES ANYMORE!  So after we were on electricity,  we STOPPED getting the minerals that are sooooo necessary to take care of all the connective tissues in our bodies…

11:18    So back to connective tissue…  everything from your skin, to your heart, to our lungs – just think of THE HUGE  AMOUNT of  cartilage and everything there is in your lungs and in your trachea alone!…  and all this connetive tissue,  EVERY TISSUE AND SYSTEM…  REQUIRES CONNECTIVE TISSUE SUPPORT.  

We are soooo very proud of developing nutrients that deal with this.   So don’t forget this book Hell’s Kitchen [still holding it up]  – the information in it will add 25 to 50 healthy years to your life AND SAVE YOU UNTOLD AMOUNTS OF UNNECESSARY MISERY AND SAVE YOU ENORMOUS  AMOUNTS OF MONEY THROUGH NOT DEALING WITH  ILLNESSES  THAT WERE TOTALLY AVOIDABLE…  

So, with that, let’s go the the next part of our zoom – questions.


12:00   Hi, this is Barry.  I have a polyp in me.  They took several polyps out already. I was in the rehab center two years ago, because I had bladder spasms and they took out bladder stones.  I also had blood clots on my lungs and that whole thing.  One of the polyps they took out was a BIG one, 30 ml, which had cancer lesions on it.  

There is a 50 ml one they could NOT GET OUT because, they said, it would take a 2 to 3 hour operation.  They said they would rather take out 2 feet of my colon, since the 30 ml had cancer lesions on it, which means I have cancer in my colon.

They did ultrasound and MRIs and did NOT find cancer any place else in my body.

13:00  DOC

The is enough to tell me for now, as this is a 30 minute zoom and because we want you to connect with us again as you get re-evaluations from your doctors.

What I want you to do is stop eating ALL the bad foods IMMEDIATELY.  [cancer must be handled with total discipline to be conquered]  Get a hold of my book Cooking Without the Bad Foods.  It has 300 pages of SAFE COOKING RECIPES AND IT DISCUSSES SAFE COOKING METHODS.  It goes into the good foods and the bad foods.

Also, because you have this bad stuff going on, let me ask you one pertinent question here:  how many times do you get up during the night to urinate?  Once?  3 times?  5 times?


I don’t wake up, because I have a catheter in me right now. 


Well before you had the catheter, how many times did you wake up during the night to urinate?


Once or twice.

13:40  DOC

The odds are you have osteoporosis of the skull which is squeezing your spinal chord and squeezing the blood vessels, and so you are getting these issues…  [more on this in a bit] 

You MUST STAY AWAY FROM ALL THE BAD FOODS – which cause these polyps!  


Polyps mean there is inflammation.  So you MUST STOP DOING ALL THE BAD STUFF.

Polyps are NOT genetic.  Polyps are NOT autoimmune.  They do NOT just sort of appear!  


14:14    This is VERY SIMPLE STUFF!    

Get that book Doctor Wallach’s Cooking Without the Bad Foods – it will put you on the right path.  How much do you weigh, sir?




OK.  I want you to take 2 Healthy Brain and Heart Paks per month – a full dose of everything 2x a day.  

Also get the MSM – take 3 of those at breakfast, 3 at lunch, 3 at dinnertime – that will be 2 bottles a month.  

Get 2 of the canisters of the Collagen Peptides – take a scoop of that with your morning drink and with your evening drink.  

Get the Rebound – which is our sports drink.  We also have coffee in Youngevity, which is very good.

I take 2 doses of Rebound each day myself.  We have it in sticks, we have it in canisters.  We have it in cans.   If you get the cans you must pop the tops and put 2 in your fridge for the next day to get the carbonation out – if you will do this you can get the cans.   DO NOT DRINK IT WITH  THE BUBBLES [carbonation stops absorption of the foods and nutrients you ingest]… I drink one at breakfast…. then I drink HALF of the 2nd one at noon… and the other half of the 2nd one I drink through the afternoon to keep my energy up and even all afternoon [Doc has many super busy days in his life].

To return to the osteoporosis of the skull point…  part of what you are experiencing occurs when people have osteoporosis of the skull [holds up the book It’s All in Your Head, open to page 12, which has two photos:  the one on top is of a normal skull, and the one on the bottom of a skull with serious osteoporosis.  Both photos were taken during autopsy].

Here in both photos is the top of the skull removed and we are looking down on the brain.  

[Pointing to the photo on top]  In this top photo the skull is normal –  it is only 1/4″ thick.  This is healthy connective tissue.

[Pointing to the photo below] Below is a photo of a skull that has osteoporosis –  notice the white area is MUCH thicker.  Here the skull is 1.5 to 2 inches thick!  


and this scar tissue is squeezing the 12 pairs of spinal nerves, and it is squeezing the spinal chord… which causes 37 different diseases…  each disease is a chapter in this book.

Doctors want to do all these surgeries, and this and that, when really – in most cases – all you need is nutrition and to stay away from the bad stuff — 

and then all this stuff goes away!  

This is because connective tissue has an ENORMOUS  CAPACITY TO  HEAL  AND TO  REORGANIZE ITSELF – and go back to normal…

 … IF YOU GIVE IT WHAT IT NEEDS TO DO THAT…  [AND IF you DO NOT burden it with bad foods…]

But  if you just keep damaging it with fried foods, processed meats with all their nitrites and nitrates, you are going to have a huge struggle!

You want to take care of your connective tissue, no matter where it is at, whether in your brain, in your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, your intestines, your liver…

and it does not hurt to also get what we call our “gallbladder in a bottle” – this is our ULTIMATE  ENZYMES.  At your body weight, take 2 or 3 of those 5 o 10 minutes before each meal with a couple ounces of water.  

I only weigh 143 and I take 2 or 3 before each meal with a couple ounces of water.  I do this to ensure that I absorb all the foods and all the nutrients I am taking [we are not what we eat, we are what we absorb!]… I do this to make sure I am absorping, for example, my essential fatty acids… [bile is essential for our digestion and absorption and it decreases in many of us with age] … We put real natural  bile in this product…

… we actually get bile from the cows being prepared for market in the slaughter house – we take their gallbladders and dry the bile and put it into our enzymes.  I think we are the only ones who put bile into our enzymes.  We call it ULTIMATE ENZYMES  Digestive Support Formula…  this will help you out too.

Give us a call every couple of weeks and let us know how you are doing…. and any time you go to a doctor and get some kind of status report, let us know and we will talk you through this.  Back to you, Pam and Dave…


Regarding somebody who just received a kidney through transplant surgery, what would be good for them to ensure their body will accept this new kidney?

18:03  DOC

They need all the stuff necessary to make the kidney happy, which is the Healthy Brain and Heart Pak…

and the Ultimate Daily Classic tablets – which support healthy blood pressure and healthy blood flow through blocked arteries, whether it is in the heart, the brain, or the kidneys, etc… because your kidneys require a LOT FROM YOUR  ARTERIES, because they are getting DIRTY  BLOOD – meaning they are taking the nasty stuff out of the contaminated artery blood…  Ultimate Daily Classic works every time…

and then if the person has osteoporosis and things like that, there is more stuff going on in the periphery, which creates high blood pressure.  This is where you want to be taking the ULTIMATE ENZYMES, our “gallbladder in a bottle.”

19:14  LAURA

I have a customer on the line whose name is Pam, as our co-host’s name is, and she would like to ask a question.

19:48   CALLER  PAM 

My question is about dosage.  Several years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at my first bone density exam.  They told me it was really bad and to take Fosamax, which I refused to do.

Subsequent to that I take – and this may be a testimony – I took and still take your Tangy Tangerine and the OSTEO  FX every day and 2 years later they said my hips are NORMAL.  

Then I went to an endocrinologist, who is saying that I have raging osteoporosis in my spine and that I should go on a parathyroid med made in the lab.  That med… about a year ago… was blocked by the FDA and considered bad.  My question is….


How much do you weigh?


About 100 lbs and I am 5′ 2.


Stay away from all the bad foods – nothing fried, no processed meats, no oils, no glutens – meaning no wheat, no barley, no rye, no oats, no buckwheat.  No sugar.  No carbonated drinks – even the diet drinks have to go.  Even the carbonated WATER has to go.

At 100 lbs, I want you to have 1 Healthy Brain and Heart Pak [double check if Doc misspoke here as he probably  meant to say Healty Bone and Joint Pak]  per month – take half a dose of everything at breakfast, the second half take at dinnertime.  

And in your case take the MSM…go ahead and get 2 bottles of that and take 3 at breakfast, 3 at lunch, and 3 at dinner time.  These will help repair cartilage, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue, discs between the vertebrae, bone matrix, the bone itself, the skull, the vertebrae, your hips, your knees, fingers, toes, every place!  Your jaw, etc.

Also get our Rebound, our sports drink [building bone is an ongoing thing for our body and in your case much building has to be done and you are very athletic…  our Rebound is made for this, to help this happen] – so instead of just drinking bottled water, put Rebound in your water [even mix it into your Beyond Tangy Tangerine], since you need more minerals, etc.  

Our Rebound is formulated to support athletes [and very physically active people such as yourself]  because every active person sweats out an ENORMOUS amount of MINERALS etc.  I weight 142 and I drink 2 doses of Rebound a day. So at 100 lbs, you can take a dose of Rebound 2x a day, which would be one of these sticks a day [holds up a Rebound stick].  

30 of these come in a box. We also have the canister which has some 36 servings…  And then we have the cans.  [But if you get the cans pop the pull tab off  the can at night and put it in your fridge…  then you can drink that – with the carbonation removed – the next day…  half a can each time for your two doses.]


Your enzymes, I just wanted to say that I started to take your enzymes in the last couple of weeks and have found it to be a game changer!  I feel so much better!  Should I continue taking them, along with the Gluco-Gel?


The enzymes you take FOREVER.  I take 3 of those with each meal.


I am also taking your Selenium. [referring to our product, Ultimate Selenium]  Should I continue with that?  As well as ProJoint?  [referring to ProJoint FX]

23:25  DOC

Of course – if you want to live! [caller Pam giggles] – continue with the Selenium.  That is like asking me “should I continue to breathe?”


And Colloidal Silver?


Colloidal Silver is good.  I take 2 droppers-ful of it UNDER my tongue when I wake up in the morning, 2 more UNDER my tongue 5 or 10 minutes before breakfast, 2 more 5 or 10 minutes before lunch, 2 more  5 or 10 minutes before dinner, and then lastly 2 more 10 or 15 minutes before bedtime.  I go through 2 of these Colloidal Silver bottles per month [holds up a bottle].  It kills viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast.  It is a very important support of the immune system.  

You have to appreciate that penicillin only kills GRAM-POSITIVE BACTERIA.  Penicillin only kills staphylococcus and streptococcus – it does not touch any viruses, or any other  bacteria… so we are really committing suicide when we only take penicillin when we have all these infections… and this and that.  

There is no alcohol in the Colloidal Silver.  You can even use it on open wounds.  YOU CAN EVEN PUT IT IN BABY’s EYES .. because there is no alcohol in it.  ANY place there is an infection, go with the Colloidal Silver.


Thank you soooo much, I soooo appreciate your help….[Pam, it may have been wise to mention all your athletic activities to Doc at the very beginning!  It may be you need to supplement for a 200 lb person because of your high level of athletics, not just for 100 lbs, which maybe he might have said if he learned about the high level of athletics you do at the start.  And maybe make a list of all the products you have been taking and call Doc again with the complete list in front of you, or contact the nurse support at Youngevity (call Youngevity Customer Service to find out whom to address the email to) and send the list to her as well as list what Doc has recommended to you here, and get her input on all of it, so you are not taking more products than you need to.  This will also help you take the higher dosages you probably should be taking – i.e, dosages for a 200 lb person, because you are REALLY active, and you need to support that properly AND always mention your level of ahletics FIRST in any future call to Doc or in any email you sent to the Youngevity nurse.]


Keep up the great work, we love you… and tell your story to everybody!


How old are you Pam?


I am 64.  I am a brown belt in karate.  I am getting my black belt within a year.  I ride a horse 4x a year [not clear if she said a year or a week, or a month?] for the last 20 years.  I work out every day.  I do weights 6x a week, and I have listened to Doc for over 20 years but I wasn’t religiously taking the Youngevity products … the Osteo… [Doc came in to speak]


You see, when you are SWEATING, you are NOT JUST sweating out WATER!  You are sweating out nutrients!  So you REALLY NEED to be taking nutrients at the levels we are speaking about here to REPLACE WHAT YOU SWEAT  OUT  [especially at the high level of working out you are doing]…

25:34  CALLER  PAM 

I take an ounce of the liquid Colloidal Minerals  – the green bottle – after I work out.  Is that good enough?


Of course.  Add that to your Rebound.  Rebound is much more complete [for someone as active as you].


One last question.  About these osteoporosis drugs.  From your perspective Doc, [Doc starts shaking his head left to right]…I understand from a revenue stream perspective…. [Doc comes in here and somehow caller Pam never got to finish this question and so maybe in a future zoom she can ask it?]


Osteoporosis drugs JUST RESOLVE SYMPTOMS –  THEY DO NOT FIX  THE  PROBLEM!  This is why we have the MSM, the GlucoGel, the Collagen Peptides and the Rebound etc … all to maintain and repair bones and ligaments and tendons and connective tissue… including the SKIN. [Caller Pam remains silent…]


I want to give a quick testimony, Doc, since it is connective tissue night.  I have had 3 MAJOR wrecks in my life:  I shattered my right ankle,  I broke that same right leg in 3 places, I shattered my pelvis, and I fell down my basement stairs.  

33 years later I shattered my talus bone [the talus bone sits above the heel bone, both of which make up the lower part of the ankle ].  The doctors said I had an 80% chance of losing the foot where that talus broke.  Without going into the gory details, in the second wreck – back in ’79 –  I had a crack in my shin bone and in my talus 10 inches long that looked like a lightning bolt… it was 1/2″ deep and 1/2″ wide.  My leg was swollen and ugly and I was in pain ALL the time.  

After I recovered from the fall down my basement stairs – which was 11 years ago – they said I would lose my foot WITHIN 5 YEARS and that I would be begging them to amputate.  Well, I still have my foot and walk pretty darn good – it’s not 100% but it’s about 99% … 

and that 33 year old lightning bolt looking wound  that I had in my leg HEALED!  I did not even know it did so until I was rolling around on the floor with my grandson and we were going to feel the crack in my leg … and I realized it had disappeared!  … and then I realized the pain was also gone – it had been chronic pain. 

This healing happened because I was taking the Gluco-Gel capsules – 16 a day… and I was drinking about 2 or 3 ounces of the Gluco-Gel Liquid while I was recovering in a wheelchair for 6 months while my foot was healing.  When I got out of that wheelchair, and I rehabed, they had to teach me how to walk again.  I was walking a 17 minute mile on the threadmill … I never did that in my life before then! [laughs].  

I am 64 now and I get around pretty good!  So thank you Doc! [Doc starts waving good-bye…]


Doc, do you have anything to say to all us mothers out here?


Give mom something that will help her connective tissue, including her skin and all her arteries and lungs, and heart valves, and so forth.  Also give her something that is good for her girlie side, OK?  We have all kinds of girlie stuff… look at our list of girlie stuff and give mom something that is going to make her happy, including our hair stuff.  Gray hair has nothing to do with age – it is a nutritional deficiency.  Put her on our Ultimate Hair Skin & Nails, and her hair color will come back and she’ll look 25 years younger!


By the way before we go, Doc, thanks for speaking to a customer of mine who called you on your radio show today.  You gave her the answer to a LONG TIME problem she’d had!  She was in tears [of relief] when she called me – she was so thankful!


The main thing is she’s happy and we’re going to help her.  We give God all the credit – we are just the instrument.

Pam, Laura, Dave and Doc all say love to all, and thanks, as Doc again waves good-bye and Co-Host Pam says to all: Have a great night and an even better [healthier] tomorrow.

                                                   Zoom Ends

This Summary Text


Dr. Wallach has a recommend a list of foods that you should avoid in order to help the body heal its self naturally. The Good Foods are acceptable to eat in a balanced diet.


Eggs can benefit when eaten as a protein for a meal. 3 at a time in any one meal, 3 times a day.

Poach This is his number one choice because the water or broth never reaches a temperature greater than 212 degrees.

Scramble with butter over very low heat and only until they are just setting up. If you can hear them cooking it’s too hot.

Hard/Soft boiled with the yolk still runny. Bring pot to a boil, then put in eggs for 4 – 5 minutes. Take out and immediately place them in very cold water to cool and this will also help you peel the egg shell off easily when you’re ready to eat them.

Raw Eggs are good BUT you must increase your “biotin” because egg whites contain a protein that may interfere with your body’s ability to make use of it. This can be done by taking the Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails Formula

Salt Fish

Chicken Butter

Pork Lard (yes lard)

Lamb Red Wine

Beef — rare/medium rare Coffee, Tea, Green Tea

Veggies Fruit

Rice Beans


Couscous (made from pearl millet only).

4 – 8, 8oz glasses of filtered water each day.. Avoid soft plastic bottles.

Any carbohydrate (except oatmeal) that is “Gluten Free” is OK.

Salt your food to taste – To properly digest your food you need stomach acid and salt helps in the creation of stomach acid.

Use Butter – Margarine is simply oil in a solid state. If you cook with butter, make sure the heat is low enough that the butter doesn’t turn brown in the pan.





Oats, Oatmeal – even if it says its gluten free

Fried Food– nothing fried! You should boil, broil or bake and never more than medium rare for red meat

Oils – This includes Olive Oil, no canola, no coconut, etc… If it has OIL in the name don’t use it. This also includes anything made from oil, like salad dressing. Dr. Wallach recommends using salt and lemon juice as a salad dressing. No margarine or combo spreads. No mayonnaise. Nothing made from oils.

No burned fats– If you grill your food, try to have something between the food and the fire (like aluminum foil) so the juice doesn’t drip onto the flame and deposit dangerous things onto the meat.

Any nitrates added to meat– Deli meat, tell your butcher NO NITRATES or NITRITES

No carbonated drinks of any kind within one hour before, during or after one hour of meals

Skin of a baked potato or yam. If you boil a potato you can eat the skin

Corn– only 100% GMO free


Pure Buckwheat has FAGO Pyrites that are also harmful

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